Do you "hate" your ex?

This morning when I woke up I was overwhelmed with a sense of gratefulness. I looked out the window and the sky was so blue. Birds were flying by happy as clams. The sun was shining. I felt so lucky, so fortunate, to be able to see such a beautiful sight. I felt that god had smiled on me by gracing me with two working eyes. It made me smile. “Thank you, Papa,” I whispered, and I felt him smile back.
Why don’t I wake up every morning feeling like this, I wondered? There is so much to obsess about, so much to stress about. The least of it is the people who “hate” you, or those you hate. Hate is a godawful emotion. It just eats you up. It makes you old. It makes you old and ugy and angry and bitter and fearful and distrustful. There is so much hate in the world. And that is exactly why He tossed us all down here, isn’t it? To learn how not to hate. Most of us dont’ know it, but Earth is a special kind of Hell. We were tossed here, to learn a lot of stuff.
We don’t learn how to hate. We are born with it in our souls. It just manifests when we are faced with certain situations and people. Then the memory gets triggered. That we already know this emotion. The trick is to learn how to unlearn it. It’s very hard. Because here, in this special Hell, there’s a lot of people who are simply evil. Sometimes you were married to them, sometimes you weren’t. But they are evil. And they take you there. To that place. Where you hate. Where you wish all manners of damnation upon them. Where they stir you up into a frenzy of toxic emotions. Hate is very corrosive. Hate makes you do things you normally wouldn’t even think of. Why do we hate? Because it is one of the demons we need to work through, in order to reach this “perfection” that God talks about.
………..sometimes I feel like I’m becoming a preacher. “Please, God,” I say. “I don’t want to be a preacher.” He just chuckles.
Hating your ex is so much waste of a beautiful day. Don’t waste any more beautiful days.
Stop hating your ex.