Will Giselle divorce Tom Brady now that Eli Manning and the Giants gave him such a whupping?

You don’t know how funny this is. I have no idea who Eli Manning is. Until two seconds ago, I did not know he played for the New York Giants. But I was surfing the Internet and saw the headlines that the New York Giants had won the Superbowl (I guess that means a huge ticker tape parade by¬† Mayor….omg what is the NY Mayor’s name again?…..Oh, yea, Bloomberg :)…it’s been a long time…¬†) and that Mr. Manning was the leader in this trouncing. He’s a quarterback, I guess. Whatever that means. I’m so embarassed. I don’t know anything about sports.
Anyhoo, I happen to know the important details about this game. And that is that Tom Brady is married to supermodel Giselle Brundchen, the Brazilian hottie. And He also has a son with Bridget Moynihan. And I am not sure if Giselle was at the game, or not. I am sure she was, sitting in the VIP lounge, or whatever. But I just wondered if stuff like this can adversely affect the marriages of people like that? He’s bound to be an unhappy man tonight, Brady, that is. The article said he walked from the field with his helmet in his hand, with his head bowed. It also said he made some “poor decisions” during the game. Not sure what that means exactly.
But what do you do when you lose the Superbowl after leading for a while? Are you a happy man? Or do you go home and break some stuff, scream at your wife and act like a total, how shall I say? A total spoiled brat? Or maybe your lock yourself in your room and give the silent treatment. I don’t know. It could be the opposite. Maybe Giselle will fix him his favorite cereal and he will go to bed feeling lucky that at least he has this bodacious hottie for a wife who can fix him something warm after a game.
I don’t know. But it sure makes for great, speculative blog posts, doesn’t it?
Well, I”m sorry Tom, that you lost. I heard you had a great season, though, and that I shouldn’t feel badly for you. So….try to get over it and don’t take it out on Giselle lest she dumps you and that would be a double loss if she gets fed up and asks for a divorce.
As for the New York Giants, WAY TO GO! It must have been the lucky pizza you had flown in from New York…. (I read about that in the New York Post online.)