A divorce for Valentines

Valentins Day is about two months away as I sit here on my bed in my little white tee shirt (just woke up) with my laptop on my lap, shooting the breeze…. It’s rather misty and foggy outside as is typical for this time of year, I suppose,  and in a few minutes I will be meeting a couple of pals to go to the gym. But in the meantime, I wanted to give Divorce Saloon some loving by throwing up a post. (That’s how I give this blog love, I throw up posts. 🙂 ) Most times when I sit down to write posts, I have no idea what to say. Most of my posts begin with either just one word, or a title. They pop into my head. Then I try to ad lib till I come up with something that sounds even marginally logical and funny and cute. Yes, cute. Don’t you think I”m too cute to be fathomed? LOL.
Okay. So, a divorce for Valentines. That must s@#$ royally, right? I can’t spell out the word because I’m on a cursing diet and it counts even when I write on Divorce Saloon. I have forbidden myself to even think in curses. I chastise myself for using bad words even in my thoughts….I am no longer allowed to curse by spelling it with different prefixes. You know how I used to spell fuck as phock? That is not allowed anymore. This vice is being put to bet and I am down to about 3 curses a day and by this time next month, I will not be cursing at all…
Oh. I digressed. The topic. Valentines…. I will not publish this till about February 6th or so, btw. Today is about January 31. I’ve decided to start to post things at later dates. I have a bunch of posts that should go live on Feb 6th. Why did I chose that date? Dunno. But there you have it. I’m a bit hungover, btw. Last night we had a champagne reception for my friend. She’s going off to work for the UN in Afria. Mauritius or something. So we had a send off reception. I had about 4 glasses of champagne. It was hilarious. I think my speech might even have been slightly slurred.
Oh. I digressed. The topic. Valentines…so what is it like getting the heave ho at or on or around Valentines Day? I think that is almost machiavellian, don’t you? I mean it’s possibly worse than getting it on Christmas or New Years Eve or something. That’s hate, the opposite of love. That is saying “I hate you!” to ask for a divorce at or on Valentine’s Day. That is premediated. It is malice aforethought. Don’t you concur?
Well, if this happens to you, then, I guess you just have to grin and bear it. Don’t even get angry at this person. They are not worth it. Anyone who would ask for a divorce on Valentine’s Day is mean, miserable and machiavellian. And they are not worth your anguish, your angst and your anger. You know what you do? Book a flight to Paris, the City of Love and Lights. And find you a new Valentine.
Ok. I think that was cute. Now I have to find the perfect picture on Flickr……………………….There. Done. Hope you like the pic I chose…I must run now. Need to make a trip to the loo then rush out to flatten my tummy at La gym. Do you think I will ever succeed in flattening my tummy???
Well, Happy Valentine’s, sport. May you get a sweet Valentine’s kiss today. 🙂