Are your "friends" of the opposite sex wrecking your marriage?

It is farcity to suggest that men and women can be friends. It’s pure artifice. It’s just not possible. We all know its true. I mean, eventually, yes. But initially? No. Sex is always at the center of the interaction. Ultimately, a decision will be made, “yes or no.” But until then, it’s no bloody friendship. It’s sexship. LOL.
No, seriously. It’s true. That’s how nature made it. Men and women first have to figure out if they are going to hop into bed before any real frienship can happen. Sometimes, the decision happens right away. Sometimes, it can take years! So this idea of “oh, we’re just friends, you’re paranoid,” is a lie. Your spouse is not paranoid about this BFF you have at the office who you have lunch with and after work drinks with and confide all the family business with by email! You are locked in a flirtation with this person and you know it at the bottom of your heart! And if you continue to lie to yourself, and to your spouse, you very well could be on your way to wrecking your marriage!!!
And the jealousy is the least of it. 🙂
No, I’m very serious.