Avoid divorce with good, sacred sex

I am on my way to Dallas for a meeting; and so I am sitting here in the airport waiting for my flight and I figured I could blog a little bit since I missed my flight and have to wait for the next one out of here. Let’s see…Well, I need a new post in the sex & divorce section — my least favorite. I find it very difficult to discuss this subject with any degree of humor or credibility, btw. I mean, I think its a funny topic, alright. If you really think about it. The whole thing is hilarious, the whole act. Isn’t it? But talking about it?  Precarious. At best. One has to be careful to handle it in a dignified way, impart some wisdom, but also make the reader smile and not come away thinking that Jeannie Goldstein is in any way vulgar. I don’t want to vulgarize this subject matter as I think it is one of the most sacred things that people can engage in. But it’s not an easy topic to handle. I guess that must be true for most people.
Well. So what can I say? Well, for starters, I think sex is sacred and even married people need to be careful with it. And that was not always so. I think I have come to realize how incredibly sacred sex is, much later in my life, maybe in the last five years. Or two years. Or maybe the last year. I’ve always been uncomfortable with the whole thing, really. I was socialized in a way that it was definitely a taboo subject. And it was almost “dirty” and “wrong” and “sinful” no matter what the circumstances. And that is not true. Necessarily. I mean, I think in some contexts it is all of those things. But I think in the right context, it is the most sacred and beautiful and natural and enjoyable thing that two people can share with each other, especially in the confines of matrimony. But its not like I think that just because two people are married that everything is ok for them to do. I think sex can still be vulgar and “wrong” and “dirty” even if two people are married. And I think that is a big problem today in our society and in a lot of marriages is that most of us don’t stop to think about that enough. We don’t stop to really ponder that, you know, this act is sacred and was meant to be that way EVERYTIME we engage in it.
If you think about it, life begins with sex. And life is sacred. So therefore sex is sacred…..If A+B = C then A=C. That is the equation, right? I’ve forgotten my algebra. But you know what I mean. Something like that. If life is sacred then sex is sacred. And more people, especially  those who took the time to get married, should really keep that in their minds at all times. Life is sacred. Sex is sacred. So treat it accordingly. Do not defile it. Do not make it dirty and wrong. Believe it or not, that can propel you to divorce eventually.
Jeeze, Louise. Please shut up….ok. I will shut up. I think they may be boarding my flight. I gotta go. Lucky for you. But think about what I said. I am right about this. Sex is sacred and that truism has been lost for too many people — even those in marriages (and maybe especially those in marriages) and people need to really do something to fix that. In doing so, I think a least a good number of marriages will be saved.
Look at those birds and bees…. 🙂
(I think I will post date this one to February. By the time you read this I will be back in Houston, hopefully…)