Can parental favoritism of one child vs. the other lead to divorce???

Everytime I see a picture of the Obamas, it seems to me that President Obama is leaning more towards his daughter Malia than to Sasha or even to his wife, Michele. From the pictures, it definitely looks like she is his favorite daughter, and maybe one of his favorite people in the world. It got me to thinking about this for a post idea: Can parental favoritism lead to divorce? Or is that a far-fetched concept? I can totally see, how, taken to the extreme, it possibly could lead to marital squabbles. Actually, I had a client who had that issue in her marriage. It wasn’t the casus belli for the divorce. Not directly. But one the divorce got underway, it became a bigger and bigger beef, that he always favored one daughter over the next. This does lead to parental fights when this happens. In the case of my client, her husband used to accuse her of having cheated on him, and so he doubted that the child was even his! Can you imagine being the child in this scenario? Now I get how Khloe Kardashian must feel….
Obviously, I don’t think President Obama favors Malia. I think he is photographed to appear as if he does. But I do think that notwithstanding this “set up” it can create jealousies in the two girls. And in other families, it can not only create jealousies, but also create friction in the marriages. Sometimes, the mothers get jealous of the attention their husbands pay to his own daughter!¬† It’s pretty crazy. But it does happen. So if you’re a dad and you have kids, please, no favoritism. Not if you want to save your marriage and save the various relationships in your household.