Does your profligate use of garlic make your spouse think desperately of divorce?

Yes, that title is stoopid. I know it. It just cracked me up and I couldn’t resist. Oh my gosh. I was sitting there in the loo this morning happy as a clam. You know, the loo in my new little cottage is so amazing! It’s this sea green moss color, the tiles. And almost antique. The bath is enormous. The walls are this brilliant white, high ceilings. It’s just the best loo I’ve ever had. So I like to sit in there and think and conjure all sorts of stuff, some of it mad as hay, some brilliant. Some just hilarious. So I’m sitting there this morning and I’m reading this House Beautiful magazine, blissful as you can imagine. And I see the word “profligate.” And I’m like, “oh, I love that word! How can I make that a post?” And I couldn’t think of anything. I thought of doing something on “profligate spending” which would probably be more intelligent and useful. But how boring, eh? Plus, I’ve already done a few posts on how over-spending can lead to divorce. Been there, done that. So what spin could I put on it that I hadnt done before (because I will not repeat myself on this blog. This is 100% original, everytime or I’m not interested) so I thought of garlic. Because actually, the article I was reading was about food. This woman said she was “profligate with the pesto.” And I just thought, “garlic. Of course.”
…………………………….LOL :)……………………………………………..
I don’t have anything further to say about it, except, don’t use too much garlic if you don’t want your spouse to divorce you. You know, speaking of garlic, there is this thing you can buy. It’s garlic but spicy. I can’t explain. I had it at a party the other day. As an hor d’ouevre. With champagne. And I want to tell you, I gobbled down more garlic nuggets than I ever thought I ever would. It was so amazing what you can do with garlic. 🙂
BUT. Don’t do this if you are married. Or if you must, be sparing. It’s just not fair…. 🙂
Darlings, have a wonderful day today…..I have so much to do it almost immobilizes me….