Is cheating contagious?

Forget about whether divorce is contagious. Now the question is, is cheating contagious too? I saw this byline on the cover of a fashion magazine this morning while I was at Walgreens buying toiletries. It was a provocative inquiry, for sure. I didn’t have time to read the article, but I concluded, immediately, that cheating probably is, indeed, contagious –¬†just like divorce.
And why is that? Well, because monkey see, monkey do. That’s why. People like to do what everybody else around them is doing. If your spouse hears that your best friend’s spouse is cheating and having scandalicious affairs at the office with bodacious brunettes, guess what? In his brain (or her brain) jealousy pops in. It’s like, why should everybody else have all the fun? They want in on all the fun. This is obviously dangerous for your marriage. Just as if people around you were getting divorced. That’s dangerous for your marriage too.
The only thing is, sometimes when those around you are fooling around behind their spouse’s back (and you know about it) it can also make you more paranoid. You could start distrusting your own spouse and this could lead to problems – even actual cheating if you call wolf too much.
The best solution is if you hear your friends are cheating on each other, don’t even discuss it with your spouse. Get your marriage away from that. That’s my grand conclusion. Get away from it for the sake of yourself and the sake of your spouse and the sake of your marriage. Because it will only destroy your marriage and you will be divorced in no time with toxicity like this floating around your air.
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