Did the failure of your contraceptives contribute to the demise of your marriage?


President Obama must have read my mind because I had this draft sitting there a few weeks and I just read online that he’s backtracking on a proposal to have universities and other organizations offer free birth control to employees. Insurance. Whatever. So that gives me an excuse to pull this one out of the pile up of drafts I have collecting dust in my archives. I can’t believe how incredibly well time and apropos the news is that he and the Catholic church are at it about birth control.

The thing with the Catholic Church, with all due respect, is that they are not in touch with reality. Having too many children is a strain on a marriage and the Catholic Church is not going to help you feed, clothe and educate them. I mean, look, as my father likes to point out, the Catholic Church is one of the biggest charitable organizations on Earth. Catholic Charities, St. Vincent De Paul and all sorts of other organizations give a lot of money to a lot of people, and they have all these other agencies that take unwanted babies and they do a lot.  Ok. Fine. But still, it is completely unrealistic their dogma and the rhythm method does not work! People can’t afford all these kids, you guys! And when it gets to be too much, folks, usually the bread-winning father, takes a hike and you never see them again.
I just think that it is intelligent to use birth control if one can’t be celibate – and most people can’t. I know the church teaches that sex should only occur during marriage and only when procreation is desired. So there really shouldn’t be any need for birth control. But that all goes back to this idea that something is fundamentally wrong or evil with sex and this is not true. Sex is the most natural thing in the whole world. God made it so. None of us can come to the Earth, to this day, without some form of sex taking place. Life begins with sex. Life is sex. There is nothing wrong with sex. And entire generations of homo-sapiens have been completely miseducated on this issue by the Catholic Church. Sex is not wrong. It is not a sin. Fundamentally. And so they have all these bizarre rules about sex. They even made Mary a Virgin because sex is too dirty for Jesus to have come from it. I believe totally in Jesus. But I don’t believe that Mary was necessarily a “virgin.” Because that suggests that the way we all came into this world is “bad” or “wrong” and I just don’t buy that anymore. I do believe that sex was made to be a sacred act, yes. And certainly if Mary and Joseph committed this act outside of marriage, it’s slightly problematic. But so what? It’s still okay because it brought us Jesus.
And there is nothing wrong with using birth control. You hear that, Catholic Church? Indeed, whom God has put together let no man put asunder but you throw too many babies in the mix and that could totally do it by default! No, seriously. The Church needs to reevaluate it’s stance on sex and see sex as a beautiful, sacred act to be enjoyed, even if procreation is not the goal. In which case, please, there is nothing wrong with birth control. Nothing at all. Thank God for it, actually.
Yes, indeed. The Catholic Church should condone the use of birth control so that more marriages would be saved, IMHO.
What do you think?  
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