Ethan Hawke talks new divorce flick plus "black years" after his own divorce from Uma

The Guardian, UK has a great piece on Ethan Hawke about a new flick in which he stars as a forty-something man in the “aftermath of his divorce.” Hawke waxes poetic about his coming to adulthood and his divorce from Uma after he was accused of shagging their nanny, whom, by the way he later married and had a couple of kids, one named Clementine.
I saw Hawke in the Julie Delpy films, Before Sunset and Before Sunrise. Both of which I liked very much. In Before Sunset he basically is married and it looks like he might have had a fling with Delpy’s character, which, I’m sure, led to his divorce. There is a third film in the trilogy in the planning stages, apparently. I can’t wait to see what happens. Those were two great movies…
So, he describes his divorce from Uma as the “black years” and I guess that means he felt pretty depressed about the whole thing. So why go on and marry the nanny if the years were so “black.” Although, people try to make out like everything bad is “black” and I don’t cater to that school of thought. And I’m just thinking if it were so awful, he wouldn’t have married the girl and knock her up twice, would he?…Hopefully he won’t cheat on her with their nanny. You know what I mean?