Whitney Houston's death blamed on everything from Drugs to her divorce from Bobby Brown

It can’t be real. I think I just read that pop icon Whitney Houston has died? C’est vrai???
Wow. She just never seemed to rebound since her marriage and then divorce from Bobby Brown, did she? I am in total shock. Total shock. So young, talented. 48 years old. How sad. It makes me wonder what, if anything could have saved her? A different marriage? A different husband? Or is it unfair and lame to blame Bobby. I think it is, a little bit. She made her own choices. But how could she have gone so wrong? What was the turning point? Without being judgmental what was the turning point for her? I remember when she was Whitney. So fresh and pure, beautiful and talented. Then she got married to Bobby Brown. Then she changed. Was it his fault? Who started with the drugs? Him or her? Or a mutual decison?
It is so instructive, when you look at these people. To do one’s best to be careful, to make wise choices. Even then, none of us is immune. It only takes one wrong turn. Then you can spiral, and sometimes, you don’t get out of it; you don’t make it out alive.
Marry right. Live right. Do your very best to live the right way. No matter who you are. Associate with the right people. Marry carefully. Or no at all. Always seek God and his guidance in these choices. Seriously. That is the key to it all. God’s guidance. And his Grace. It makes such a big difference.
All I can say now is RIP, Whitney. I’m sorry. I feel like you wasted your talent that God gave to you with drugs and a lifestyle of depravity. But it’s lame to cast blame now. These were your choices. This was your life. This was how it ended. C’est la vie…
We will always love you, Whitney…
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