The Beer Belly: Is it a dealbreaker?

I have to say that fewer things are a bigger turn off for me than a guy with a huge beer belly. Bellies were mean to be flat. I look at it (beer bellies) and I wonder how they even achieve copulation with a belly that big, you know? It’s a terrible thought, but yes, I’ve wondered.


But if your spouse did not have a beer belly when you married them, and then grows one, is that a basis for divorce?  I don’t think so. That is a bit shallow. But he would definitely have to lay off the beer and go to the gym if he were my husband. Some people don’t mind though. And maybe the wife is also a big beer drinker so what does she care about a few extra pounds of flesh around the middle? And it’s fine. To each his own.  For me, it’s a dealbreaker.  And I have some nerve cause you should see the gut I’ve grown.