Is divorce just straight up boring?

Is it the topic of divorce or divorce itself that is boring? It occurred to me this afternoon that I had not been blogging as robustly as I used to. My poor little divorce blog was all alone and lonely. I mean, there are 12 comments waiting to be moderated but I looked at them and none were “appropriate” so I just ignored them; but then I thought, “wait a minute Jeannie, you haven’t given Divorce Saloon any love in a dog’s age. Why?” And I realized that I might be bored. either with the topic of divorce as a blog subject, or divorce itself as a thing, a construct.
And that is exactly what divorce is, isn’t it? A construct. Something that was put together by people who had everything to gain by its existence. Who was it? The Bourgeoisie? The Proletarians?  Who created this thing called divorce and why did they create it? That is my big question. But I tell you what: they created a monster and it potentially may even be a boring monster on top of it all.
I mean, sure, divorce is “interesting” but in a boring sort of way. It is the worse in people put on display. That is crass. It is not genuinely “interesting” as something to aspire to be, to have or to hold. It’s boringly interesting; or interestingly boring. But not really interesting.
That is not why I haven’t been blogging, however. I haven’t been blogging because I am busy doing other things. At least, that is what I thought till today when I wondered aloud, “hey, is it that divorce is just boring? Could you be bored with the topic, Jeannie?”