10 Reasons Why Divorce Should be Outlawed

These are 10 Reasons I think Divorce Should be Outlawed:
1. It is the ultimate hypocrisy when you consider the vows people take at their weddings…
2. It is bad for the environment because it creates more homes that need more energy to run.
3. It taxes the judicial system which needs to channel its resources on important matters like crime and terrorism.
4. The kids and custody battles and all that ugliness is the pitts.
5. It would put divorce lawyers out of business and wouldn’t that be good for the global community?
6.  It would force people to think carefully before they enter into marriage in the first place.
7.¬† It will reduce adultery because once the other men and women realize they can’t win, they won’t even bother to try to seduce other people’s spouses.
8. Because look what happened to Wallis Simpson.
9.  Because alimony sucks if you have to pay it.
10. Because God “hates” divorce.