Kristen Stewart cheating scandal exposes huge double standard in Hollywood

When Brad Pitt cheated on wife Jennifer Aniston with Hollywood bad girl Angelina Jolie, nobody excoriated him. They instead applauded Angelina for her superior beauty and sexual prowess in “stealing” the Hollywood mega star from his TV wife, Jennifer Aniston.  Nobody worried about his films bombing at the box office. Rather, it was a question of HOW MUCH more he would bring in on account of the scandalous affair. And he was MARRIED.
There are so many other stories of Hollywood affairs and political affairs involving men that have not batted the eye lash of the collectif, even though they were married. To wit: DSK, Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Edwards (Tiger Woods was an exception, admittedly. He was thoroughly excoriated), Frank Gifford, Prince Charles, Woody Allen, Ethan Hawke, Eric Benet, Kobe Bryant and Peter Cook to name a few.
One can’t help thinking that if it were the wives who had cheated in these scenarios that the public would have reacted differently to the whole thing. What if it were Jennifer Aniston who had cheated on Brad with a Hollywood mega-star like….oh, George Clooney or Matt Damon, or someone like that? Would the collectif have been applauding they way they applauded Brangelina? Or would Aniston have found herself relegated to persona non grata?
But the same is not true for women, married or not, who are exposed in a cheating scandal: to wit: Meg Ryan, Elizabeth Taylor, Ingrid Bergman, Jennifer Lopez…so many others. And now Kristen Stewart, whoever she is. Far as one can tell, she is not even married, yet folks are speculating that her cheating was such a big transgression, it could have an adverse impact on her box office sales. Her girlfriends like Charlize Theron have allegedly come out swinging punches at her for being such a little you-know-what. And the wife of the lover, Liberty something or the other, has even publicly rebuked the starlet.
Why the double standard? If anything, in this case it seems that Robert Patterson should be thanking Kristen for saving them from a future divorce rather than everyone pelting stones at the girl. Maybe just maybe she is not the commitment type. Maybe she was trying to warn him in the gentlest way she knew how. SHE WAS NOT MARRIED. How many “boyfriends” for that matter get called out when they cheat on their girlfriends, come to think of it? It’s bad enough husbands are not chewed out. But when was the last time somebody’s boyfriend was chewed out the way people are chewing out Kristen Stewart.
And that is not to condone the cheating. But it is to say what goes for the goose goes for the gander or the gander gets to play by the same rules as the goose which means that everybody gets chewed out or nobody gets chewed out. Am just saying.
Pic from Flickr