Suri Cruise's double life: Could the Kindergartener suffer permanent psychological harm from her parents' divorce?

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes have already signed their divorce papers and were only too eager, mutually so, it seems, to be rid of each other. No love lost. But what about their little daughter Suri? Now that they are divorced, it seems she will be subjected to vastly different lifestyles. According to media reports, Katie has decided to scale back massively on the “over-the-top” lifestyle she share with Tom. No more housekeepers and maids and private jets and body guards. No more designer clothes for either Suri or Katie. Well, maybe the occasional special something for that special event here or there. But word has gotten out that things are going to change now that Katie moved herself and Suri to New York and has renounced being the wife of a rich and famous gazillionaire.
Now it seems, little Suri will have more of a bi-coastal life than ever before. But bi-coastal means more than just the difference between New York and Los Angeles. It gives new meaning to the North-South divide. Or maybe its more East West. Mr. Cruise has made it clear that he fully intends to continue to indulge Suri’s every whim and fancy, whisking the little five year old off her feet by helicopter to take her to the Hamptons, one of New York’s toniest zip codes. Word is he was laden down with thousands of dollars worth of presents for her.
Katie on the other hand, has decided to eschew all signs of wealth and the trappings it can buy by insisting on taking the child around New York by yellow cab and taking her to outings that cost under $40 per pop.
Is this good for Suri? Maybe experts might think so. It certainly will give her a more rounded life, showing her both sides of the divide, so to speak. But could it also be confusing? Could this back and forth and this sudden change in her “reality” cause the child to suffer permanent psychological harm? What do the experts think about this? And have the parents hired a child psychologist to help the little girl make this transition? Inquiring minds want to know.