The Summer Divorce: Why it sucks royally and what you can do about it

Summer is the time for romantic picnics in the park, strolling at dusk, kissing on a bridge and wearing sexy, flirty clothes. It is hard to get divorced at a time like that because everybody else will seem like they are in love and you will invariably feel even more miserable than you normally would, even if you were to divorce around Christmas time instead. At least with Christmas and the holidays, you are not the only one who will be “blue” and so you will have a lot of company with your misery. But in summer, nobody wants to hear sob stories. They want to go out, have fun, enjoy the beach, sun and balmy evenings with their friends and lovers. So a depressed divorcing person will seem like a wet blanket and will be avoided at all costs. This will lead to increased isolation and depression for the divorce person.
Besides, with all the sexy people parading in their summer garbs, your spouse is likely to move on faster than usual, leaving you to feel even more undesirable and bereft. Certainly, it is difficult to predict or control when a disillusioned spouse will drop the divorce petition on your head. Just ask Tom Cruise. But it doesn’t make is suck any less, nevertheless.
The only up side is that it may be easier to find a rebound than in other seasons since everyone is open to romance during the summer and are more apt to be outdoors and on the prowl than they are in winter. So, if you are hit with a petition, don’t waste time moping. Buy a few summer outfits and get out there and find a replacement ASAP.
Here are a few things you need to do:
For the Girls
1. Buy some sexy summer clothes.
2. Get a nice, lite fragrance like Chanel No. 5
3. Start to invest in regular manicures and pedicures.
4. Go out even if you have to do it alone (and go to places where you can meet the kind of people you would want to have a relationship with; i.e., don’t go to bars if you’re not that type. Don’t go to church if you are an atheist. Things like that.)
5. Consider a divorcing holiday (take a trip in other words) to a great locale.
6. Get the word out immediately that you’re back on the market. Don’t know how? Try Facebook, linkedin, Twitter….email, word of mouth…
For the boys
1. How hard can it be? There a gazillions of lonely, desperate single woman sitting home alone on any given night. JUST ASK ONE OUT AND GO HAVE FUN
2. Keep up with your hygiene
3. Lay off the booze.
4. If you want, buy some new clothes. But that is usually not that critical for you as it is for the girls. (It’s called a double-standard – and we didn’t create it so don’t shoot the messengers.)