Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Can they avoid divorce?

You’ve got to admire Jennifer Aniston’s steely self-control. That woman has kept a stiff upper lip for seven years, watching milestones and triumphs all of which went to the woman who stole her husband, Angelina Jolie, with nothing but heartbreak after heartbreak coming her way. There was Vince Vaughn, John Mayer, Bradley Cooper and a host of other now forgotten Mr. Wrongs putting more and more notches in her belt, but in the end, leaving her coming up empty.

Is this a divorce-proof union?

John Mayer, in particular, must have been a massive embarrassment for the A-List comedic actress. And let’s not talk about her movies. Sure, Angelina has some spectacular failures not the least of which was her directorial debut for that war movie about Bosnia and Kosovo. What was the name of it? Memory fails. But not even that can compare to Jen’s pain of having these failed movies like “The Baster” and then having to go home to a less than successful personal life with loser after loser being entwined with her name while Ange went home to Brad and the seven impossibly beautiful kids in their various homes all over the globe.
Then Jen met Justin Theroux. From the beginning, we all held our collective breaths. He was cute. He seemed exciting. He was from a good family. He had gone to boarding school in Massachusetts and an artsy college. He was gaining success as a screenwriter, having inked the screenplay for Iron Man 2 and a bunch of other successful Hollywood and HBO flicks. He rode a motorcycle. He was younger than Brad by nearly 10 years (not that we’re comparing them or anything). And cuter, too, if you like the “dark” serial killer look (Jen’s words, not mine.) Well, even without that, Justin is way cuter than Brad, me thinks.
Last week, news broke that Justin had asked Jennifer to marry him, on August 12, 2012, his 41st birthday. This, coincidentally, was also supposed to be the weekend that Jennifer’s ex husband Brad Pitt was rumored to be tying the knot in the South of France with Angelina Jolie, at their romantic estate near Aix en Provence, in the French Riviera.
Gotta like their timing – Jen and Justin, that is. They will not be upstaged by those two lovebirds.
And if truth be told, I love it. I am so happy for Jen. I have always been team Jen. I have nothing whatsoever against Brad and Ange. God bless em, as Jen would say. But I identify with Jen in this story and I’ve been holding my breath to get the good news that she has found her love and that they are going to the chapel to get married.
Do you think he is the “one”? I worry a little bit. Not for any particular reason. I just worry. He seems to like her. They fit well together, physically, it seems. He’s the right height for her. They are close in age…This one will last, right? This one won’t end in divorce, right?
But I will say this about Jen. Even if it doesn’t work out, I don’t see her as the girl who will throw herself out a high-floor window of the Beverly Hills Hotel. She is a tough cookie, like she said back in 2005. She is not defined by her relationships. Oh, she likes to be in them. She likes the hot guy. But when it’s over, I think she has a healthy dose of “next!” running through her veins. So she is gonna be just fine whether this lasts forever, or whether they get a divorce at some point.
Jen, just make sure to execute a sensible prenup. That is my only advice for you, my friend.
Go, girl!