Is Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend Casper Smart the right guy for her?

Is Jlo dating a man she doesn’t really know?

Chanteuse and former American Idol Judge (not to mention the ex wife of Marc Anthony and the ex girlfriend of Puff Daddy and Ben Affleck) Jennifer Lopez has moved on to a double-dimpled cutie pie named Casper Smart and has been seen gallivanting around the world with the much younger hottie – from Miami to South America and even Paris.
Is Jlo dating a man she doesn’t really know?

However some recent rumors are suggesting that Mr. Smart enjoys visiting certain establishments that cater to the prurient interest of homosexual men, that, if true, would be embarrassing for Ms. Lopez, who, allegedly, came out and said that the rumors were “malicious lies” and that they were based on “jealousy” and that both she and Mr. Smart would sue for, I guess, defamation of character. Actor John Travolta has also been battling these types of rumors, but he has chocked the whole thing up as nonsense that is beneath his dignity and has not even bothered to respond.
Certainly, it matters if these rumors are true or not, in Casper’s case. They may have surfaced in the National Inquirer and Radaronline and if true, it could mean that Casper is not really interested in Jennifer at all, but is with her for his own reasons, none of which has to do with “love” for JLo. In which case, is he the right guy for the chanteuse? Or can she do better than this?  She certainly has done better in the past, having dated some of the most respected men in the business and her foray with Casper seems like a step or two down from her normal standard. It begs the question why did the sexy Latina mom of two go there with this unknown character in the first place? Times can’t be that hard in Tinsel Town for someone of her caliber and success? Couldn’t she have found a date with someone else? She could have traded up from Marc Anthony easily. Not that Marc is chopped liver, but he was not even on level with Jennifer and for sure, she and Casper are in different leagues altogether.
She definitely could have done better than this. Instead, she chose Casper and now he’s been accused of visiting adult venues that no self-respecting gentleman would want to be associated with. Now what? Does she carry on with him? Or get out while she still can?