Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk masters the cheapskate divorce settlement

Not so long ago, the man who famously claimed that he wants to retire to Mars (and by all accounts he means it) Tesla founder Elon Musk, and his second wife Talulah Riley – a British actress – reached a divorce settlement.

South African Entreprenuer Elon Musk knows how to divorce like a cheapskate

Elon, an astonishingly successful South African born entrepreneur who is the founder of Space X and Tesla as well as Paypal – which he sold years ago-  married the Brit actress circa 2010 and quickly announced their divorce in January 2011 on Twitter.
Talulah was supposed to be the “love of his life” after the failure of his marriage to the mother of his four or five kids, Justine Musk, a babe who resides in Bel Air California. But the Talulah thing fizzled fast. No reason was given but he never accused her of being a gold digger so money wasn’t the problem.
What is remarkable about Musk, in addition to his sheer genius at picking winning business models where ordinary thinking men would just balk, and his extraordinary self-made wealth, is his ability to get out of these marital unions with minimal financial scratches. With first wife Justine, she attempted to challenge the prenup and ended up settling the case for less than the prenup would have given her. With second wife Talulah, all she got was a little bit over $4 million.  Peanuts when you consider that Musk is nearly a billionaire. But not a bad deal when you consider that Katie Holmes didn’t get a dime from Tom Cruise. Well, let us qualify that. Katie apparently got to keep a bunch of expensive handbags and jewelry which aggregated could be worth close to $4 million. But Talulah got four million in cash, plus she kept her Cartier jewely, a Tesla car and also, a bunch of expensive handbags. Still, even with all that, Elon got off cheap as he always does.
Is he back with Justine? Not sure. Rumour has it he is bonking Cameron Diaz. But last I heard Cameron was boning Benji Madden so who knows? Justine used to keep a blog about the divorce and she once even left a comment on this blog since we were slightly in awe of how much personal information she was willing to disclose (can you believe that she left a comment here???) but it has been ages since we checked into the blog so we are not sure if she and Elon are back together….oh, here’s the link to her blog which is now focused on her art and creativity and nothing about Elon Does anyone know if Elon is dating anyone? I heard there was something between him and some chick named Camilla and then there were rumours about Cameron Diaz and then I lost track.  Could she be wifey number 3? If she is smart, she will refuse to sign a prenup. Although, it is unlikely he will tie the knot without one. And he’s not exactly going to give away the farm without serious duress. So she needs to know that in advance and factor it into her calculus and seduction strategy.
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