Do cops have a higher rate of divorce than the general population?

We know that sports stars have a very high rate of divorce. Some chock it up to the oversupply of testosterone, overabundance of money, and the hyperavailability of women who will stop at nothing to snag a ballplayer. But what about police officers? These men also usually operate in environments fuelled by excess testosterone and job stress not to mention opportunity and excess. How are their divorce rates in relation to the rest of the population?
According to a 2000 Census study, police officers actually have a lower rate of divorce than the general population. That’s right, lower. In spite of a higher rate of domestic violence incidences among cops, the divorce rate is about 14% per year which is based on the total number of police officers across the country and the ratio of the total number of those who get divorced in any given year.
That is slightly surprising to say the least. What accounts for this paradox? Well, maybe police officer wives are just straightup too afraid to ask for a divorce. After all, her husband has a license to carry a gun and there is a higher incidence of domestic violence in these marriages. So she knows what the stakes are and what the risks are.  But could there by any other reason or reasons that police officers have such a low divorce rate – assuming the study was correct?  Well, for sure, there are some good things a cop would naturally have in his favor that a woman would find appealing. Here are ten:
1. He’s badass and no one will mess with her and the kids.
2. He’s the strong protective type and she feels safe.
3. He is a good provider especially with his lifelong pensions and retirement income that would also go to a long term spouse.
4.  He’s exciting and life with him is never boring.
5.  He’s probably a good lover just because he’s so intense.
6.  Free parking with that sticker
7.  Free passes for minor legal infractions like speeding
8.  His gun.
9. He looks hot in his uniform.
10.  He can drive a car at top speed and not lose control.