Anne Sinclair: Portrait of a dignified ex wife of a Gallic philanderer


With a husband like this….

Current Paris bureau chief for the Huffington Post, Anne Sinclair, nee Anne-Elise Schwartz is an American born French journalist who had the misfortune to end up being married to the greatest philanderer of all time, former IMF chief, Dominique Strauss-Khan. The two lived in a tony Georgetown neighborhood in Washington D.C. before her house of cards came tumbling down.
The unraveling all started when Mr. Kahn, former French finance minister and one time considered a contender for the French presidency, was accused by a maid in NYC’s Sofitel hotel, of certain sexual indiscretions and crimes and misdemeaners. He vehemently denied the charges and Anne stood by him and defended him, till ultimately, the charges were dropped when the African-immigrant plaintiff was deemed “untrustworthy.” By the skin of his teeth, Mr. Kahn escaped a lengthy prison term in the United States. It almost cost a diplomatic crisis between France and the U.S. It should be noted that Mr. Kahn had previously been accused by a string of women of sexual indiscretions, including a former IMF employee by the name of Piroska Nagy with whom he is alleged to have had an extramarital affair. Ms. Sinclair dismissed that as a “one night stand.”
Fast forward a few months. The fashion-forward journalist is back in Paris with her husband when another bombshell drops. It is being called the “Carlton Affair” by the American media and whatever the facts of the occurrence, certain accusations are leveled against Mr. Kahn and some of his cronies about certain shenanigans that took place in a hotel in Washington D.C. The accusations  reveal that, at least  potentially, Ms. Sinclair’s husband has been living a “terrifying double life.”
The allegations involved gang rape in Washington, Belgian prostitutes and all manner of horrors. None of the allegations were proven and it is unclear what role if any Mr. DSK actually played in them but  he has denied all the charges, bien sur; and of course, everyone believes that he is innocent. Including Anne. Be that as it may, these new events pushed the marriage to a breaking point and not even Anne Sinclair could continue to “stand beside her man.”  The sham marriage and the shame of these allegations proved too much to the current Paris Bureau Chief for the Huffington Post online Newspaper.
Anne asked for a divorce. She recently confirmed that the marriage is caput to the Paris paper, Le Parisien, and she is looking forward to her new life as a single mother and grandmother, and career woman – but without the man she once loved and admired through many trials and tribulations.
It must be tough for her to face up to what and who her husband DSK is. But we salute her for her courage and dignity during this difficult time.