How is Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's marriage doing? Everything REALLY fine with that situation?

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to watch some reality television. So I can’t say I’ve seen Tori Spelling’s reality show lately. But I’ve caught some episodes in the past and I have to say, they are not a boring couple. And by god, they have some of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen in my life. Especially when you consider the fact that, well, Tori is not exactly Princess Grace in the looks department. She’s more of a jolie laide type, like Coco Chanel, but infinitely less stylish than the French fashion doyenne, even though¬†Miss Spelling¬†is stylish in her own Tori kind of way (does she have a maternity wear line out in stores yet? Cause I have to say she is most attractive when she is pregnant. She really does pregnancy very well. Maybe that’s why she keeps doing it?)
But I would have to have been living under a rock not to hear that Tori has given birth to her fourth child with her husband Dean. It is a boy! And his name is Finn Davey McDermott. Love the name, by the way. Actually, I think as far as naming goes, Tori and Dean have a lock on the cutest baby names in Hollywood. To wit: Liam McDermott, Stella McDermott, Mattie McDermott and now Finn McDermott. Love all those names.
But this is a divorce blog. So why am I talking about Tori and Dean when they seem so engrossed in this married/familial/procreating bliss that has been going on between those two since they locked eyes on a movie set circa….whenever the heck that was. I mean, is this real? Are they vraiment happy? Or is this thing all an orchestration for the cameras? It certainly is a winning combination she has going on there with Dean, financially speaking. And babymaking is pretty prolific between those two as well…

The look of love is in her eyes

Back in the Spring, the McDermotts renewed their vows and decided they wanted to downsize from their six bedroom Encino California home, to a matchbox in Malibu. I was reading on another website how they left 6600 square feet of house, to go to 2300 just as their family size exploded. Didn’t make a lot of sense but Tori apparently wanted less house so that they could be closer together and see each other more. Hme…she is obviously trying to build intimacy but is it the size of the house that is the problem?
Not long after they bought the house in Malibu, they apparently put it back on the market and started looking for something more realistic. Not to say the Malibu house was an eye-sore for the ghetto-trance, but it was not what you would expect anyone of Tori’s means and taste to plunk her family into. So the whole thing made me wonder about her state of mind, and made me wonder what it is that is really driving her. It is not something one does, I don’t think, when one is happy: i.e., moving to an ugly home. One’s home is one’s castle and that is the place one expresses sheer happiness and joy and freedom and security. So that move to that thing in Malibu was, to my way of thinking, a cry for help. But then, they started to rent a mansion in Thousand Oaks and everything seemed back to normal.
And as I said, you can’t beat the McDermotts on cuteness. They are cute together, their family is cute and nobody in Hollywood seems happier. A divorce announcement anytime in the next year or two would be a total shock. I mean, look at the way she looks at him!