Requiem to the ultimate DIVORCE WAR: Which soon to be married Hollywood couple will have the most SPECTACULAR divorce?

Divorce wars are no joke. Like actual combat between enemies, anything goes with divorce wars. There is sabotage, subtefuge, defamation, theft, murder, car bombs, assassins and everything normally associated with warfare. This morning, I stumbled upon this great documentary on NBC which featured some of the most interesting divorce wars in recent memory.

Could Brad and Angelina’s marriage end in a divorce war?

It includes the story of Justine and Elon Musk and a bunch of other highly successful and obscenely wealthy people. The documentary goes back a few years but it is illuminating as far as the lessons it imparts to the marrying types among us.
Since the most interesting wars tend to involve people of high net worth, I began to think about any rich people I know who are getting married. The list amounted to zero. But there are a bunch of celebrities I know who are engaged and are about to walk down the aisle, like Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt, and….well, a bunch of others I can’t recall at the moment. Now I think it is easy to see the answer to the question I posed in the title of this post. Which one of these two couples is most likely to have the most spectacular divorce? It is definitely not Jennifer and Justin. Jennifer has proven she doesn’t have the personality. But the actors who played Mr. and Mrs Smith clearly have the capacity to have a blow out divorce. All the elements are there, not the least of which is the fight over custody of those children. The war of the “Smiths” would be unlike anything any of us has seen in a long time.
Chances are, though, that neither of these two couples are likely to go down the aisle bareback. Both will have airtight prenups. Indeed, Brad and Angelina are rumored to have executed a partnership agreement years back and the tabloids mistook that to mean they were breaking up and so the couple sued for invasion of privacy and settled the lawsuit for a few million with the tabloid. It may have been News of the World, but I am not sure.
Even with a prenup, however, a divorce war between either of these couples should not be completely foreclosed. People get crazy when relationships implode.  Angelina certainly seems like she could be the type to try to withhold the kids from Brad as a punishment. It would be a  spectacular custody fight, especially with respect to the adopted kids who Brad never formally adopted even though they share his last name.
But anyways. This won’t ever happen. They all love each other. This foursome will never ever see the inside of a divorce court, lucky for all of us.
Check out the NBC video. It’s quite engrossing.