Seal drops explosive charges against Heidi Klum: He claims she "fornicated with the help" Ouch!!

Seal accuses his German ex wife of “fornicating with the help”

UPDATE: Seal’s retracted the statements….The following is the original post:
Oh Sweet Jesus. Just when you think you have heard it all from these perennial adolescents in Hollywood, Seal ups and declares that his soon to be ex wife Heidi Klum has “fornicated with the help.” I just saw the video on TMZ and it was so cute the way he said that, and I certainly hope he is not silently stewing with OJ-istic thoughts of revenge or anything like that, but it was hilarious the way he put it. “I just wish she had more class than to fornicate with the help,” he deadpanned.
Oh Heidi. Did you fornicate with the help, for heaven’s sakes? I mean, honestly, that’s, like, unforgivable. You can fornicate. But you just can’t do it with the help. That’s the rule Heidi. That’s rule number one. Didn’t you learn that in finishing school in Germany?
You know, I feel so ridiculous because when the story originally broke, I jumped on the blog to declare that it was a “fake divorce.” But this is not fake. The gloves are off. It is real. But you know what? I think it is still possible that I was right. It is still possible that this thing started out as a stunt to sell records and it just went bad. This is what happens when people play games like that. This was a very dangerous game. He said, “I just wish she had waited till we separated. I don’t expect her to suddenly become a nun.”
But wait a second. They were separated. Weren’t they? Or was it fake? I still say IT WAS FAKE. At the time this whole thing started, Seal had a totally different demeanor. He was not acting like a man who had been betrayed AT ALL. He was so cool and suave and full of praise for Heidi, that he seemed either on drugs, oblivious, or lying. There were psychologists on TV trying to sort it out. People were puzzled. His reaction did not match that of a man who found out his wife was effing the bodyguard.
But now, he is angry. NOW HE’S ANGRY. This does not make sense. Even though he was calm and articulate and even cute when he said his soon to be ex was “fornicating with the help” this is a different Seal. This is an angry Seal. This is the Seal I would have expected to see in the beginning of this break up. Not now, seven months later. Now, he should be moving on, much calmer, much happier, and dating, and wishing Heidi well.
Nah ah. He is acting in reverse. It doesn’t make sense, unless my theory is correct. This was, initially, a stunt. And then, it became real. And now that he realizes it’s real, he’s angry. He feels betrayed. Just as any man would.
This is my hunch (read “my opinion”) of what has happened with those two and I’m sticking with it. This is a stunt went awry. It has backfired. Now that he realizes Heidi wants out for real, he is angry. Check out the TMZ video here.