Has GOP VP pick, Paul Ryan, ever been divorced?

Well, I’ve heard the news that Paul Ryan had a “black” girlfriend in college. Apparently he said so himself and I was left aghast, not knowing how to process this bit of information. I mean, the fact that he felt the need to qualify her “blackness” obviously means that her blackness is an issue he thought was important. Indeed, it may be the only issue about her that is important at this juncture. SHE IS BLACK. Does he think he deserves extra points for this bit of personal history? Is this a political ploy to say, “hey ‘black vote’ I dated a black woman so vote for me.” Or is he simply saying, “hey I’m not a racist?” What does this mean? Why was it important for him to make that abundantly clear that a woman from his distant past is black?

He’s dated a black woman but has Paul Ryan every been divorced?

Obviously, it is either a good thing or a bad thing – for him– in his mind. What does it say about him? Or even the country that this was even something needing to be declared and tossed around the conversation? Do we get to all take a sigh of relief, “whew. He’s a nice guy cause he dated a black woman in college?” Or is it something to be analyzed and dissected like a science project? What the heck? I am still not quite sure how to process what he meant by “my college sweetheart was black.” I don’t see why that needed to be stated. My first response was, “yea, and?”
It was like this dependent clause that needed an independent clause for it to make sense. But he never finished the statement.
But then, maybe its just me.
But my big question is, has Mr. Ryan ever been divorced, this guy? We know he now has a gorgeous “blond” wife and a passel of gorgeous “blond” children.  (oh, and didn’t he also boast that his sister in law is black? What is up with that?)  But yea. Is she his first wife? I keep trying to find out on Google but I can’t seem to find anything conclusive on this question about the congressman.
Not that it matters. I mean, whether he’s been divorced or has dated a black woman or has a black sister in law are totally irrelevant at the end of the day. I mean, so what? But since he brought the whole thing up and since this is a divorce blog and I wanted to update my Politicans & Divorce section, I figured I’d throw his name up there and see what happens.
But seriously, has this guy been married before? And if so, was that divorce an amicable situation? Any kids from that situation?….
All things held equal he’s not bad looking, eh? Considering he used to have a “black girlfriend in college.”