Is Britain's Prince Harry good husband material? Or is he a nightmare divorce waiting for some unlucky lass?

It has always been my general opinion that a woman ought to marry only after 40 and only to a man who is not a day under thirty nor over 36. A very narrow window. The reason being that this is the age when men are finally ready to get serious and settle down just before that midlife crisis hits at around 42. And he is still young enough and virile enough not to bore her to tears.

The life and style of a future “nightmare” husband

Prince Harry, 27, is the quintessential European royal playboy these days. His antics and womanizing have been well documented in the international press, not the least of which is the recent orgy in Vegas where he was photographed and videotaped having a wild party with some girl named….I think it was Daphne and a bunch of other people.
Various reports have been given to the public from various sources and some are more jaw dropping than others. There are allegations, for example, that there was cocaine in the room at the time of the melee. There are allegations of graphic sex between, I guess, more than one person. Who knows what is true? No one. It could all be gossip and propoganda. But what is clear is that at a minimum, the Prince, third in line to the British monarchy, was caught with his pants all the way down.
Does this bode well for his potential as a husband? Or not? Well, at 27, I think it is safe to vouchsafe that the Prince is nowhere ready for marriage and everybody knows it. He is still wild, untamed and seemingly only interested in sowing his wild oats at this juncture in his life – and as it should be. And he likes any activity, it seems, that allows him to take massive risks. The list seems to include sex, alcohol, possibly drugs, and certainly physical danger to wit his recent insistence in being in the front lines in combat with the British military in war torn Afghanistan. So that means he loves guns, jumping out of planes, and putting himself in situations where, frankly, he may not make it out alive. That is what you do when you are 27 and think you are INVINCIBLE.
Is he good husband material? Right now, I would say no. The adorable little Prince is still a “boy”, trying to find and define his place in this circumstance he was born into. He is not very long out of his adolescence which is why he\ thinks he will live forever; he is a fearless, adventure seeking cassanova; and the very last thing he wants or needs right now is a wife and kids like his brother Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. ( I bet William secretly envys his brother a little bit; just as Harry envies William’s “maturity.”)
But is it fair to say that Harry is a “nightmare” waiting to happen to some “unlucky lass?” I would say no. I think the woman who winds up marrying Harry will be a lucky lass indeed because by the time he settles down with her, he would have gotten all this wild energy out of his blood stream. He would have sown his wild oats. He would have imbibed all the sex, drugs and orgies his heart can stomach.  And he’ll be ready to dedicate that oh so cute ass (wuddn’t that a cute ass???) to one special lady.
On the other hand, maybe he will still be a nightmare. What the heck do I know? I mean, would you marry a guy like this under any circumstance? Do tell.