Is Kim Kardashian right when she says that divorce is like cancer?

Much has been made of the fact that Kim Kardashian recently compared her divorce from Kanye West Kris Humphries, to having cancer. This, at first blush, struck me as absurd. An insensitive, air-headed gaffe on the part of a reality show boeuf.
But once I stopped blushing for a minute, it seemed to me that maybe what she is saying is not that it literally is like cancer in the sense of the physical pain¬† and suffering, the losing of one’s hair, the emotional demoralization, but just in the sense that divorce is not fun. It was not a good thing or a good time for her when she was forced to end her 72 day marriage due to ontoward unhappiness.
The cancer reference is really a metaphor for extreme pain and suffering that followed the demise of the marriage. It is not a funny situation.
And the marriage was like a tumor in the sense that it needed to be cut out, fast. So that she could prevent it from spreading to other parts of her life and just ruining the quality of everything. It was better for her to get divorced. Look at how beautifully and perfectly she has moved on; and she seems to have found her prince, Hip Hop’s royal dauphin, Kanye West, who recently launched his own fashion line and showed his freshman show in Paris. What if she hadn’t cut out that cancer when she did?