Who gives the best divorce advice? Dr. Phil? Or Huffpost?

Today I did an Internet search for “divorce advice” as I wanted to write an article on relevant issues and questions people might have during this time. I read a bunch of stuff from places like Huffington Post Divorce and Dr. Phil, both of which ranked very high on Google for this search term. Then the idea to compare the value of the information I found on both sites popped into my head. Which gave better advice? Well, it’s a toss up, I think. The thing about Dr. Phil, though, is that he probably has  a degree in some of this stuff and he is the only one writing for his website. With Huffpost, some of the people writing have different expertise. So, like me, they may come from a legal background but may not be an “expert” in some of this relationship stuff. So it is different the type of advice you will get from the two sites.
I did find this one article on Dr. Phil’s site that I think you might like if you are looking for divorce advice. It is called, simply: Life After Divorce. It is filed in his “Health” section. I guess it has to do with mental health? Who knows. Why Health? You know? But he had some good things to say in the article. Some of it obvious, some not so much. Here are five bits of divorce advice Dr. Phil offered:
1. Move forward, don’t dwell on the divorce forever
2. Take the “catastrophic language” out of her lexicon. So don’t sit there thinking “I can’t live without him” or “my life is over.”
3. Create a support squad.
4. Think about and plan for your future.
5. Remember you’ve got kids you have to take care of.
As I said, some of it is obvious and some a little bit more nuanced. Huffpost also has a lot of great articles up these days. Kudos to them both. We couldn’t pick a winner since we think they both give pretty decent divorce advice to people who need to find answers to their divorce questions. Huffpost is obviously the guru on that subject but Dr. Phil ain’t half bad himself. Check out his article on divorce advice here: http://www.drphil.com/articles/article/213
For our divorce advice (we have a whole category dedicated to the subject!) go to this link. It’s got six years of not so bad stuff if we may say so ourselves http://www.divorcesaloon.com/category/divorce-information/