TV divorce lawyers vs. real life divorce lawyers

Divorce lawyers are depicted unrealistically in TV and fiction best-sellers

I was just reading a website by a colleague in Oklahoma and got the idea for this post about the differences between a TV divorce lawyer and a real life divorce lawyer. To be honest, while my TV viewership has increased ten fold over the last few months, I still can’t cop to having ever seen a “divorce lawyer” depicted on a TV show. Am I missing any obvious ones?…………..¬† I can’t think of one….but I know there is a stereotype of what a divorce lawyer is, and how much money they make. Usually when I get stiffed by a client, they tend to raise the argument that lawyers make so much money, anyways, so what is the big deal if they don’t pay the last $1,500 of their bill. Or they don’t even argue, they just don’t pay and I have to deal with it pretty much.

The attorney I referenced above talked about how most divorce lawyers don’t wear $300 suits. I don’t really know how much men’s suits cost, but for women’s suits, I think a $300 suit is fairly inexpensive. I would think somewhat contrarian to Matt on this one and say that clients expect that as a lawyer, you can wear a suit that costs over $1,000. That would be my line to say, no, Virginia, most divorce lawyers can’t afford suits that costs $1,000, unless it’s a once in a lifetime splurge, or you are Shana Madoff – when she was Shana Madoff (no, she’s not a divorce lawyer). Maybe I should have said Laura Allison Wasser. She and her cronies in Beverly Hills can afford suits that cost that much. Most regular divorce lawyers? No. They are not as rich as people think by any stretch of the imagination.
But the point is well taken. There is definitely a disconnect between what lay people think about divorce lawyers and what the reality is. And I think some of these misconceptions come from the television, media and best-selling legal thrillers which bear no resemblance to reality.
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Originally published January 11, 2012