Is the divorce lawyer becoming an anachronism?

I quickly stopped by our friend across the pond John Bolch’s blog, Family Lore, and saw this post¬†and I wondered if he may be on to something? I personally see divorce and family lawyers becoming a thing of the past in under twenty years. Technology, no fault divorce laws, animosity towards divorce lawyers, prenups,¬†reduction in the number of marriages (thus reduction in the number of divorces) and non-lawyer divorce mills will put divorce lawyers out of business, for sure, within two decades, except for some high networth blow outs where there was no prenup. In addition to that, other court-based initiatives, such as the divorce tribunals John mentioned, mediation and such (what’s next, good offices for divorcing couples? Conciliation?) will dramatically reduce the amount of work available for divorce lawyers, as such, and many will find that it becomes necessary to explore other areas of the law altogether. Many won’t even want to enter the fray, as violence against divorce lawyers increase – which it will.
I think the divorce lawyer as we know it today, will be in anachronism by 2030. What do you think?
Originally published February 11 2011