Should divorce lawyers be required to represent a certain number of clients for free each year?

Not sure what brought on this post but I know there is something that triggered the thought in my head recently. I may have read that New York or some other state was planning to make it mandatory for lawyers to do a certain number of hours pro bono, i.e. they work and don’t get paid.
I balked at that personally. Not that I think doing pro bono is ipso facto balk-worthy, don’t get me wrong. I just think that folks – even lawyers –  shouldn’t be forced to involuntary servitude like that.  I mean if we are going to pick on lawyers, how about asking ALL workers to work for free just to have a job or to have a social security number or something like that? How about law schools? How about we mandate that they don’t get paid a portion of tuition every year from students? And that should NEVER be paid to them. Heck, how about the Federal government not getting paid any student loans EVER from every law student who can’t find work when they are done with that ridiculous experience called going to law school? How about we ask the same of teachers and firefighters and doctors and accountants and all those other people? And don’t even talk about law school professors. They should straightup never get paid! Right?
Sheesh.  I mean to say, not for nothing but these people in New York or wherever it was (and I’m pretty sure I did not imagine this; I’m pretty sure I read this somewhere)  have some nerve looking at all those struggling lawyers who can’t pay their rent, credit cards and food bills for their kids to say, “hey sucker, since you were so stupid to get yourself into this experience in the first place, we are going to kick you in the teeth a little bit more and turn you into a modern day slave. We are only going to pay you when we feel like it.  The rest of the time you work for us for free.”
The nerve of these people. This whole thing just rubs me all wrong. I just have a huge problem with this concept of forcing people to work without getting paid just cause they are lawyers. I mean, yo.  I’ve already concluded that folks should do their own divorces and leave divorce lawyers alone. Now after I read that nonsense, I just thought, “you know what? I’m outta here. I’m moving to Germany the Holy See where people understand that folks need to get paid. I’m totally done with this divorce business and this lawyer business/nonsense. Let ’em find another sucker to milk like a vache. Goodbye.
Am I wrong? Am I over-reacting? Do I just need sleep or a pill or what? What do you think about this?…