The Cheap Divorce Lawyer: Who is the least expensive divorce lawyer in New York?

I am just sitting here next to my window that looks out onto a busy boulevard wondering about cheap divorce lawyers in New York.  I remember how lawyers used to fight for position on Craigslist, to under-price the competition who inevitably under-priced me.  It got so ridiculous that you could actually find lawyers offering to handle a divorce for $99! The prices have gone up a little bit for some folks but others are still giving away the family farm as they jockey to try to make a living doing this type of work. Check out this link for Craigslist for some ideas of how cheap divorce can get in NYC:
But who is the cheapest divorce lawyer in New York? Turns out it is a paralegal. I won’t name names, but the divorce paralegals in New York seem to be dominating the industry, getting all the clients and getting out of bearing any of the “liabilities.” And that strikes me as just a little bit unfair. Why should paralegals be legally allowed to take all the work away from lawyers but have none of the liabilities and responsibilities? On top of that, by pricing their services so low, they run the risk of running every divorce lawyer in New York, except for the real high powered guys and gals (sorry I have no idea what their names re at this juncture) straight out of business and into the poor house. I say if they are going to run with the big dogs, at least bear big dog responsibilities. And for chrissakes stop giving away the farm because it is driving real divorce professionals out of the business…or is this a good thing?