The Petraeus Affair: CIA chief David Petraeus quits amid extra marital brouhaha with broad named Paula Broadwell – suspicious emails triggered probe

Well… so where are we with this experience? Well, I was busy trying to get over my nasel congestion and figure out how to thread my new Singer sewing machine (with the assistance of youtube videos) when I happened upon this headline about the fallen four star general and CIA director, David Petraeus, who  apparently got caught in flagrante delicto has been having  an affair with a comely biographer who had written a tome about him aptly titled: All in: The Education of General David Petraeus.
You just can’t make this stuff up, can you? I wonder who came up with that title? And at what exact point in their interactions? Ya know? Giggle, giggle. PETRAEUS
It was some emails that ostensibly that did  ’em in.  The brunette babe, Paula, a 40 year old former West Point student and Harvard Research Assistance as well as a PhD candidate at a London School (Paula, by the way, is married!) sent some threatening emails to another woman who had some type of relationship with the general. Am almost scared to know the nature of this other ‘association’ and frankly I am too congested to give a darn. But she, according to, I think, Reuters, sent these threatening mails to another woman (not Patreaus’ wife Holly) and this triggered an FBI probe which ultimately led to the downfall of the general.
Is there going to be a double divorce here?
Both parties were  married according to the Telegraph UK:

He was lauded as the greatest soldier-scholar of his generation, a highly decorated general who was equally at home negotiating the intrigues of Washington or in the trenches of Iraq and Afghanistan.
She was a fellow West Point graduate, a counter-terrorism expert, a fitness champion and a tall, striking brunette two decades his junior who had modelled for a machine gun manufacturer.
Now the career of General David Petraeus has ended in the tawdry disgrace of a sex scandal after he stunned the US military, intelligence and political establishments with his resignation as America’s spy chief because of an extramarital affair.
His reported mistress, Paula Broadwell, was the co-author of a fawning recent biography of the general, who resigned as director of the Central Intelligence Agency on Friday. Both are married with children.

Paula Broadwell apparently is married to a radiologist. She was born in South (or North) Dakota and she moved to a tony area of Virginia (or some state South of New York) circa two years (or more I forgot) ago with her husband and kids.
According to news reports, Petraeus has been married to the same woman for 38 years and they met at West Point xhen he was about 22 years of age.
Stay tuned for any updates which I will relay as soon as they cross my desk.
OMG I’m so congested! Achem!