A toxic mess: Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry's fighting is bad for Nahla

UPDATE: Ok. i saw some TMZ pictures of Gabriel’s face….ok, this was actually not funny…OMG….I take back everything I said about about a woman wanting her man to ‘win’ these things, etc, etc. I mean, win the fight; rough him up a little bit. Teach him a lesson.  But um…I don’t think a woman wants her man to go that far. I mean, yes, win the fight. But this thing here that he did to Gabriel’s face??? He mauled the guy! Olivier mauled Gabriel. And that is not funny or sexy. I’m sorry I don’t condone that. It frightens me a little bit. I mean, what if this guy ever hit Halle or Nahla? Ya know?  A guy who is capable of this much violence for any reason….I don’t know. Scary…really, really scary.
Originally this is what I said:

Olivier Martinez gives Halle Berry “le regard”

Just read on TMZ that Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez,  Halle Berry’s past and current significant other, respectively, had a brawl out in California, at her place, during a custody/visitation hand off. Now, I don’t know the facts but according to TMZ, Gabriel was arrested even though he seems to have suffered the worse of it, given that Olivier left the pretty model with lacerations and contusions and even, accrding to TMZ, a possible concussion. Cause, evidently, he was unconscious for a little bit. Gabriel, that is, when Olivier was through with him.
Little Nahla did not see the fight because according to TMZ her mom rushed her off and into the house when the two male betes, started to go at it.
They were cussing at each other in French, too; which must have been slightly sexy. ooh la la.
But seriously, this situation is very bad for Nahla. Even though she didn’t see this, the amount of tension in this triangle is not good for her. She is so cute, isn’t she? I watched a video on TMZ of her out for a movie date with her dad. She was literally skipping! It was so adorable.
It is clear that Gabriel loves his daughter and that she loves her dad….
I feel so sad for all of them. I think that unfortunately, Gabriel is having a tough time with Halle moving on. It is ego, of course. She upgraded in his head because Olivier is French. And he, Gabriel, is French – but Canadian French. This is a psychological ego trip that has him going. On top of that, Halle may also be pushing some buttons there. Whatever happened between her and Gabriel, it was important for her to wipe his face in it.  To let him know that she can do better. She can get a “real” French guy. Ya know? It’s a lot of anger, jealousy, and payback going on there.
But it’s bad for the kid.
And dangerous for Halle. I have always gotten a very bad feeling about this. Very bad. Gabriel strikes me as being very angry. With Halle. He feels rejected. Men who feel rejected, especially by a woman they consider “beneath” them, can be very dangerous. And when there is a child involved to use as a catalyst… There is no boundary to what they are capable of and Halle really has to be careful. I mean, I think he loves his daughter. For sure. But this thing with Olivier…. Gabriel’s ego is totally crushed because in his head he was the ultimate that someone like Halle could get and she went and eclipsed him by getting a more famous guy who is really French. And Gabriel is obviously a proud man. Don’t crush the ego of a proud, vain man.
But, ok, if they had to fight like a bunch of animals like that, in this primal jungle? I’m thinking that Halle must be relieved that her current squeeze beat the shit out of this guy. Excuse my french, but I’m just saying…A woman wants her man to “win” these things.
But poor little Nahla. She is so cute…