Was the Newtown Connecticut Massacre about a divorce? Did Adam Lanza kill those kids to avenge a divorce?

One would have to have been living under a rock not to have heard about the massacre in Newtown Connecticut of dozens of defenseless kindergartners by an alleged deranged thug maniac named Adam Lanza. The events were described as the second deadliest such massacre in United States history, second only to the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings. Including the perp, 28 bodies were left at the scene when the police arrived to stop the bloodshed.
I was personally angered when I first heard the story because it seemed to me that this has been happening all too often in recent years in America. And there is always an excuse. Either the guy (it seems it is always a guy; and more often than not an adolescent from an affluent family and neighborhood) is schizophrenic, autistic, depressed or disillusioned. Or something like that; something lame. I, for one, am tired of all the excuses, especially when you think that their victims are always young children, more often than not. I can almost understand how someone goes ballistic and wipes out a bunch of bullies who  terrorized and oppressed them for months or years. And that does happen. American schools, workplaces and institutions are filled with bullies and people who are bullied can definitely snap. Columbine was about bullies, if I recall correctly, wasn’t it? While I don’t condone those extreme actions, I can understand how desperate kids can get from being constantly bullied by menacing losers. I can wrap my head around that if I try.
But the Newtown thing can’t be blamed on bullies. This was not a case of the usual suspects in schools and workplaces who re-arranged someone’s psychological well-being with constant psychological and physical oppression. This was a bunch of five year olds who had never harmed anyone who showed up for first grade and kindergarten class and got shot execution style by a maniac. What reason or excuse could this guy have had to do something so grotesque? What is so horrible and unbearable in his life that he could do this to such young children? I just don’t get it.
I was talking to a friend who lives about an hour away from Newtown and she told me she’d heard that this might be about a divorce. “A divorce?!” I exclaimed. “He killed those kids because his parents got divorced? Say it isn’t so!”
Apparently, Adam Lanza’s parents divorced in 2009. That is a good three, going on four, years ago. He was well supported by his father who paid $240,000 in alimony and child support annually to him and his mom. (Those payments would obviously stop now that both Adam and his mother are dead because Adam killed his mother first before turning her guns on the children). But this excuse of a “divorce” is even lamer than the usual excuses. This was not about a divorce. It couldn’t have been. I mean, yes, some divorces are particularly pernicious and vicious and awful and can stress out the kids and make them act out. But he was 20 and his parents divorced when he was 17. And he lived with his mother. And he shot her first. With her own guns! What the heck is that?
And the thing is, I can’t even place the blame on the guns. I don’t personally own guns and I don’t personally believe in having those things lying around like a lot of Americans seem to and I don’t even get the mens rea that would lead someone to purchase one of those things in the first place. But guns themselves are not the problem. There is something culturally and structurally wrong; there is a systemic problem in America that has to be addressed. The guns are a symptom. Not the cause. The guns are correlated to the problem but correlation is not causation, necessarily. Ditto for divorce, depression, autism and all the rest of it. I’ve even heard it was because he’s a video games addict. I am not buying any of it.
Something else is wrong. Something is causing all these young men to lose it like this in America. And all those high paid experts better get to the bottom of it fast before we lose all of our kids.