Oops! Kim Kardashian really does it this time: she preggers up with Kanye West's spawn

kimKim Kardashian has really done it this time. I just rolled out from under my champagne and caviar soaked New Year’s Eve rock to discover that while I was inundated in bubbly, Kim and Kanye had evidently announced an impending that the reality star siren is with-child.  I immediately scratched my head. WHAAAT? I muttered stupidly not comprehending what the heck Huff Post was talking about. FOR WHOOOM? I suddenly couldn’t bring to my head who it was she is dating at the moment…..Oh, right. For West of course you nimwit, I finally concluded. Who do you think? Reggie Bush? That was LAST YEAR!!!!
Everybody knows that Kim and Kanye have been dating since her quickie publicity stunt nuptial to Kris Humphries came to a screeching end last year (or was it the year before?)  and she ran, not walked, into the waiting warm embrace of Mr. West who had just dumped the other rotund beauty, whatever her face. What is her face? Amber something who I think is also preggers for a rapper named Whiz? Or did Amber have the baby aready? I am soooo out of the loop. This is what happens when you move to the French Alps. You just lose touch with what is important, what matters….As a consequence…. (only kidding. I should be so cool to spend New Years in the French Alps. Only in my dreams!!!!)
Well. I never. I never…..
This pregnancy thing is pretty huge, though wouldn’t you say? So that means Kim’s been having…. Hm… well I guess this line of analysis is pointless and really it is none of my business. The damage deed is done. She is knocked up. And Kanye is beaming from ear to ear. So he wants this baby. Big time. It is probaby a boy. No. It’s a girl. No, a boy…maybe one of each?….
Oh wait. I went off on a tangent. This is a divorce blog. Why am I talking about this?  They are not even married! Actually Kim is not yet divorced from Humphries which is really peculiar when you get right down to it. What is holding that up?
All things considering, I think their marriage will have its challenges. But maybe its love. It could work out. What the heck do I know? Ya know?
Image credit: flickr creative commons license