The 10 most compelling justifications for divorce are:

domestic abuser
1. You’re married to a Drew Peterson type and you got clued in before you ended up in a body bag.
2. Your spouse is paranoid and accuses you’re having affairs when it  never entered your mind.
3. You found out your spouse’s prior spouse(s) died suspiciously.
4. Your spouse is a raging alcoholic or drug addict.
5. Your spouse is a control freak who snoops and sneaks and spies on you
6. Your spouse is involved with stuff that will get you arrested if they think you are an “accomplice.”
7. Your spouse abuses the kids
8. Your spouse is an out of control gambler.
9.  Your spouse is bipolar and behaves recklessly and unpredictably and dangerously.
1o. Your spouse is already married to someone else and forgot to tell you.
Originally published January 31, 2012