Divorce Retreats are the new black

It seems divorce retreats are the new black.
A colleague and I were discussing the rising popularity of divorce retreats this afternoon. We both concurred that it is a concept that makes sense. Divorcing people need retreats. They need to commune with others who are going through the same thing and get an opportunity to speak with experts in the field of divorce, law, psychology and life-style. The need to learn relaxing techniques, get a little pampering like spa treatments, and go out and enjoy themselves a little bit in a light-hearted setting.
Divorce retreats might just help reduce the contested divorce battles; and/or the post-divorce wars that many couples engage in after the divorce judgment has been signed. There are companies offering weekend and week-long retreats, like one I was reading about in Lake Tahoe. They offered a resort retreat where a bunch of authors and experts covered topics like:

  • How to survive financially after divorce
  • Creating emotional balance
  • Parenting; the emotional toll divorce has on children
  • Creating romance with a new partner
  • Diet and exercise tips

Another attorney is offering a luxurious weekend retreat in Carmel by the Sea in California. Divorce Saloon is currently planning its own divorce retreat to help people in this situation have a less hellish time. More information will be forthcoming.