Lance Armstrong, Lies, & Marriage-tape

Lance Armstrong, Lies & marriage-tape
Well, I am laid up in bed with one of the worse cases of bronchitis I have had in years but it doesn’t stop  my brain from wanting to keep busy. I have one of those brains that just never stop no matter what. So I decided to sit up, open a window to let in some fresh air (one has to wonder if this is a good idea or whether I am inviting pneumonia) and pull out my laptop to see what is transpiring on the Internet. Low and behold, I came across the update that Lance Armstrong had confessed to, of all people, Oprah Winfrey, that indeed, he is a doper who duped the entire world and the sporting community about his use of illegal drugs to  win his seven Tour de France titles.lance
I was shocked. Not that he doped. I had already done the calculus and figured out that he must have been guilty  (I mean all his teammates have been busted, the testicular cancer, the persistent rumers from teammates, the nature of the sport, etc.). No.  I was shocked that he confessed so spectacularly as to do it  with Oprah. I haven’t heard the magic words myself, as the interview is not for another few days. So I should say he allegedly confessed in a spectacular fashion. And I was shocked.
Is this guy married I wondered? What is it like to be married to such a confounded, mendacious and fork-tongued liar? This guy bold-facedly denied doping for decades and he even pulled out statistics to prove it! He passed over 500 drug tests! This is intense. Obviously, tremendous thought and planning and premeditation went into this. He is a “smart” liar as well as a fork-tongued one – whatever the heck  fork-tongued means and those are really pernicious. And he is so handsome. And wholesome looking. I bet you if he wasn’t so goodlooking he would have been busted years ago.  If you are going to be a successful liar, you better be blessed with good looks. And if you are ugly, god help you if get snared in the trap of lies from a comely fibber. My grandmother always said “you can hide from a thief but not from a liar.” I have come to fully comprehend what she meant. Liars are VERY dangerous people. They destroy lives. They defame, libel, cheat and sometimes even convict others with their mendacious utterances. Some of them literally get away with murder.
But what is it like to be married to one of these types? Can you even trust a liar when he says “I love you”? Should you stay married to someone if you found it that he or she is a liar? Does the size of the lie mitigate the circumstances? Or is a lie, a lie, a lie, a lie?
I would say Lance Armstrong’s lies were whoppingly enormous and that he went through mind-numbing lengths to conceal the truth and that this is more than just that he “made a mistake.” That excuse would fly maybe once or twice. Not seven times. Not like this.  I would also say that if he is married, his wife ought to be scared. She really can’t trust this guy as far as she can throw him.
The one good thing is, it seems to me that the cliche “the truth always prevails” seems to hold true, at least in most cases. That is a huge comfort. It took more than ten years with Lance and sometimes, for others whose lives are imploded by lies (for example when parties divorce there may be lies told to hide assets or win custody or to prove grounds so as to boost alimony) it could take a life-time. But eventually the truth does come out.
And a lot of times, spectacularly. Just ask Lance.
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