Mandatory legal counsel: Should divorcing couples be legally required to retain an attorney?

Recently, I was conversing with the president of the International Association of Matrimonial Lawyers in Vienna and he mentioned that there was pending legislation in his country to make retaining a qualified attorney a legal requirement for divorcing couples. I was slightly gobsmacked by that bit of news. I mean it is one thing to strongly urge a person to hire a lawyer but to make it a legal requirement? What if they don’t have the money? What if they are financially unable to fullfill this legal obligation? What if they have  a simple uncontested divorce and just want nothing to do with lawyers? What interest does the state have in this private matter to force people to hire a lawyer if they don’t want one? Isn’t this exactly the problem with Obamacare according to some people’s way of thinking?  Isn’t forcing divorce lawyers on folks tantamount to over-reaching into people’s private lives to an inappropriate degree? Why should people be forced to hire a lawyer to handle their divorce by force of law? That just seems outrageous.
Clearly, no such law could ever fly in America. But in Austria, apparently, it is a pending legislation and if this passes it could become the law of the land. I would not be in favor of such a law in the United States. Would you? And don’t get me wrong. I am in favor of Obamacare.  I just think that the justification for my flip -flop is that healthcare is a need and the costs are exhorbitant and the government has an interest in regulating it, whether through its taxation system or as a form of commerce or whatever the method. Getting divorced is not the same animal as needing healthcare. So whereas I am for Obamacare I would totally hurl myself over the Brooklyn Bridge if the state of New York or any other for that matter took it upon themselves to force people to hire divorce lawyers to handle their divorce. Unless of course they are picking up the tab for the under-capitalized among us – which, trust me, that accounts for a lot of people.
But wait a second. Maybe I am wrong-headed.  Let me re-do my etch a sketch….A law making it mandatory to hire a divorce lawyer is actually a good thing for divorce lawyers! Especially if they can get onto those panels where they are guaranteed a certain number of jobs – which admittedly is not easy if you don’t know “people.” So it wouldn’t do folks like me any good but it could work for other people who know people in high places.
But yea. I think such a proposition would ipso facto be nuts in America and just wouldn’t fly because people would revolt. I am eager to find out if indeed this law flies in Austria. They do seem a lot more passive there.