Social Networking and divorce: Is Facebook a menace to modern marriages?

Facebook is apparently hazardous to marriage according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.  Apparently, about 80% of American marriages that implode these days involve some misuse or abuse of social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and their progeny. You can add text messages into the stew as well  since that is also a form of “social networking” and since text messages seem to be particularly pernicious to marriage as we know it today. The problem has become so accute that judges are even making crazy orders such as ordering parties to hand over their Facebook passwords to opposing counsels! That happened recently in Connecticut or California. How outrageous is that?facebook facebook surfing
But seriously, what gives?  Why are married people so prone to misusing Facebook in particular to cheat on their spouses? And is this just a problem in America or is it a global phenomenon? It would be interesting to do a study on that.
There is even a name for the thing – cheating using social networking – and it is called “digital lipstick.” These cheaters who use social networking and are then caught leave a “digital lipstick” behind and this is what their spouses use to extract larger payout amounts in their divorce settlements. It really begs the question why do people continue to use these platforms to perform marital indiscretions when they only always end up getting caught?!
It is truly mystifying why ever married person doesn’t close their Facebook account. And it is not so much that the rate of divorce is rising because of Facebook and other social networking devices. Indeed, in most states, the divorce rate is actually falling post-2008 when the financial crisis re-arranged just about everybody’s priorities. But there is definitely a huge increase in the number of couples in the United States who cite social networking sites as having played a role in their divorce. It is totally not alarmist to say that Facebook is a menace to modern marriage.
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