How to Enjoy Life After Divorce? Go to Paris!

paris2Yesterday morning, I received the latest issue of GOOP, a website curated by Academy Award winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Goop has always been a guilty pleasure since Gwynnie launched in 2008 – the same year Divorce Saloon went from a local attorney blog to the global platform it is today. We loved Goop from day one because we love Gwyneth and we are so happy she stuck it out with her site rather than scrap it after all the negative press it received when first launched.
Well, this week’s Goop was all about Paris, one of our favorite cities the world over. Gwynnie had all these highlights of gastronomic venues in Paris we have frankly never heard of, or been to; but it did give us the idea for this post on how to enjoy life after divorce. Obviously a divorce is not fun for anybody. Most people have to mourn the loss of this relationship and for some, the mourning process can take years. But one way to shorten it is to take your life by the horn and choose to “enjoy” it no matter who is in it, or if there is no ring on it.
How to enjoy life after divorce? Well we haven’t figured out the exact magic potion yet. But heck, we think, start by going to Paris! Why not? Paris is (and I’ve only been there about two or three times so I am not an expert or anything I’m just speaking from the limited experience I have) a wonderful city to go to after a divorce, to find enjoyment, rejuvenate and figure out the next step. Absolutely wonderful and lovely venue for that. As I said, there are other places. But Paris is definitely top 5. Sure, the thought of all that wine, cheese, art, culture, romance, shopping and chocolate not to mention the Seine, Montmartre and terrace cafes might seem like a total nightmare when all you want to do is mope. But what a waste if you were to do that instead of going to Paris for a week or two. You will be so rejuvenated it wouldn’t even be funny; and you never know you just might find new love….For tips on that check out ur post Secrets French Women Can Teach You About How To Be A Post-Divorce Seductress
So if you want to enjoy life after divorce, and you don’t know how, my advice is GO TO PARIS. It will do you good. Check out Gwyneth’s Paris issue here: