Secrets French women can teach you about being a post-divorce seductress

French women are sexual and sexy and everybody pretty much concurs that this is a fact. These days a lot of them are divorcees as the divorce rate in France, while holding steady in recent years, is still much higher than it was before no fault divorce laws were enacted circa whenever that was. That may seem like a bit of a paradox. If they are so seductive why are they getting divorced. Well, I never said I have all the answers. I am still trying to figure that out.
The thing with French women, though, is they are just naturally sexy and they define sexiness a little bit differently from the rest of us. First of all, there is no such thing as being too old for sex or too old to have a lover or too old to be sexy. A French woman is sexy until the day she dies. And she does it without even whitening her teeth, getting butt implants and exposing her decolletage to everyone on the Parisian Metros.
Notwithstanding the rise in the divorce rate from, say, the 1970s, men the world over seem to find French women absolutely mysterious and delectable. It is fascinating, for example, to observe a French couple on the streets or on the Metros for this reason. It doesn’t matter how old she is or that her hair is not perfect. There is that way that a Frenchman looks at her, caresses her (without being uncouth) or even kisses her that makes the observer take notice. They actually have a name or this look of the Frenchman. It is called, Le Regard.
Frenchmen are experts at this. And strangely, this is one of the secrets of Frenchwomen. They know how to make their man (or men) affect this look, a look so engrossing that it pretty much wipes out everyone and everything else from his consciousness, except for her.
As a newly single divorced woman who is on the prowl for a new man, it is imperative that you study this phenomenon, focusing your attention not so much on the man who is giving the regard, but on the woman who is receiving it; because it is she who drives this whole thing. It is she who so captivates this guy so against his will, that he “regards” almost against his will. And she doesn’t even have to wear a mini skirt. Or stilettos. Or a plunging neckline. Or loud perfume. She doesn’t need a boob job or veneers. She is just natural, just herself. She just believes in her innate power to tame the beast and she does. Quite often.
So what are some of her qualities? Well:
She tends to speak very softly, this woman.
She tends to be a decent cook.
She wears a lot of cashmere or soft, pliable fabrics.
She has strong opinions and is not afraid to voice them.
She takes her lingerie very seriously but she never lets it show outside the boudoir (that goes for bras, panties and all that other gook).
She likes men and is comfortable in their presence.
She wears minimal make-up.
She smokes and has long, slender fingers (usually) which she often deftly uses to light his cigarette for him.
And she is often uncannily possessed with an overly generous posterior.
She is hardly ever single….
If you are getting divorced or are newly divorced and you want to minimize the time you remain single, you are well advised to study French women. They hold the secrets to seduction – whether she is single, married, or divorced.
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