Billionaire Harold Hamm and wife attorney/economist Sue Ann Hamm to divorce according to Reuters

Oklahoma oil barron Harold Hamm and his lovely wife Sue Ann may call it quits after attempting to divorce in 1998 and then again in 2005. This latest filing in 2012 may be third time is a charm. At least, one shall see.  According to Reuters, Oklahoma court records show that there is a pending divorce and it looks to be potentially messy for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Susan seems miffed that Harold had been conducting an extra-marital affair. Rueters reports that the couple have “two adult children, Jane and Hilary. Harold Hamm has three children from a prior marriage that ended in divorce in 1987.”

Was there a prenup? This is unclear at this time. If there wasn’t it is predicted that the Hamms” divorce will be record-breaking as far as the potential payout for Susan. We are looking at well over $1 billion dollars in settlement/community property and equitable distribution. The latter being that Susan actually helped create and build the wealth by working for their company, Continental Resources. The implication being that she didn’t just lie back, get fat and demanded to be paid like some trophy wives. Says Reuters “One outcome could be a split of “marital property” that may include dividing Harold Hamm’s controlling 68 percent stake in Continental, currently worth $11.2 billion.”
If this happens, it would eclipse the Murdoch’s divorce payout and all others in that bracket by literally hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars.
Stay tuned.