Divorce Infanticide

Divorce Infanticide often, and increasingly these days, go hand in hand. Why? It is difficult to understand or explain the actions of a parent who would rather murder their own child to get revenge in a divorce. It is the ultimate act of revenge. A despicable act. A frightening, horrific and even demonic act. And it is happening more and more around the world. Although, most of the cases I personally have heard of seems to be mostly in Europe and the Middle East. This could be a function of what is reported and what is not. But I definitely think I have heard of more cases in Europe than in America with this particular type of crime. It is a subject that might make an interesting doctoral dissertation, an interesting study. Where is this type of crime more likely to occur, and why?
So the latest case happened in France this week, in the South, in Lyon. The perpetrator was a British man named Julian Stevenson who has been living in France for about a decade. The ex wife is French. The children were 6 and 10. The divorce was bitter. Apparently and allegedly, the father got supervised visitation after the divorce and the one day he was trusted with unsupervised, he slit the children’s throats.
According to published media reports, when he failed to return the children to his ex wife’s apartment, she went to his house to fetch them and there was her ex husband standing in the stairway dripping in his children’s blood.
He has not been charged as yet and so at this point, these are unproven allegations but if he is charged and convicted, he could spend the restĀ  of his life in prison. Small comfort to the mother who, I bet, would much rather have her children.
Why do some parents go to this length to exact revenge? This says so much about how they felt about their children. Surely, they would swear up and down that they did it because they loved their children. I disagree. Love does not do that. Love lets you be. Love wants you to live and lets you live. Love is not angry – or at least love is very slow to anger and quick to forgive. Love does not “own” or exact power and control. Love is about freedom. Love does not kill. This is my humble opinion on this. So infanticide is a mental breakdown where either the love gets obscured; or it is a revelation that there was no love to start with.
I wonder how can individuals protect themselves from having kids with these types? Is there a sign they give off before you get deeply involved? Are they maybe vindictive when you are dating? Do they stalk you? Do they watch violent videos? Or do they just shock the pants off you one day in the future, for no apparent reason?