Vladimir Putin to divorce his wife: What are Russians to make of this?

We like and revere Vladimir Putin, the current presiding president of the Russian Republic, and we also fear him in the same way we would fear anyone whose enemies always see seem to end up dead in ditches or axphysiated without even being axphyxiated. It’s just crazy. We don’t want to get on his bad side, not at all.
So this will be a short post. All media outlets are reporting today that monsieur Putin and his long time wife Lyudmila are calling it quits. Can you believe this? The couple who have been ensconced in wedded bliss for upwards of 30 years made the announcement after a rendez-vous at the ballet in Moscow. How incredibly civilized, you say; and we concur.
What is the basis of this parting between the former love birds? Who knows? It is highly doubtful that adultery had anything to do with it given that monsieur Putin has vociferously denied any such shenanigans during his marriage, notwithstanding persistent rumors to the contrary. He was, for example, accused of having children outside of wedlock by non other than the esteemed and reliable New York Post or one of the major news outlets in New York.  The Post, surprisingly, survived these preposterous assertions; unlike a Russian paper that similarly made such ignoramus utterances  in 2008 and was immediately shut down never to be heard a peep from again.
It’s crazy. The whole thing is crazy. Luckily the couple’s children are all grown adults so there will be no custody battles. As far as equitable distribution, it’s a big question mark because contrary to rampant gossip, Vladimir Putin does not own billions of dollars of Russian state assets. He is a modest man of modest means and so Lyudmila will be lucky if she exits this marriage with anything more than a couple of panty-hoses and her nurse-inspired white shoes.
Stay tuned for any updates which we will share upon receipt.