Paris Jackson's suicide attempt could trigger the mother of all custody battles

Sadly, like the rest of the world, we heard about Paris Jackson’s attempt to end her life via TMZ. The 15 year old high school youngster has been on lock down in a psychiatric hospital since the fateful event. At her bedside are her relatives that include her legal guardian and grandmother Katherine Jackson; her aunt LaToya Jackson and her biological mother Debbie Rowe (and presumably all her various cousins, uncles, siblings and hanger ons).
Why did this young woman try to commit suicide when she seemingly has so much going for her not to mention being one of the 4 recipients of her father, the late Michael Jackson’s vast fortune? And what will this mean for Katherine Jackson”s custodial relationship with her grand daughter?
Katherine currently shares custody of Paris and Paris’s two brothers Prince Michael and Blanket with Paris’ cousin, TJ Jackson. According to some media reports, between TJ and Katherine Jackson, the estate of the late King of Pop pays upwards of $60,000 for the monthly keep of the children. However, this sum could be reduced or completely eradicated following Paris” suicide attempt because the probate judge has reportedly ordered an investigation and a plenary report into all the events, circumstances and causal links that led Paris to try to end her life. The judge wants “recommendations” as to what his findings should be in response to the report. It is not unthinkable that the recommendation will be to remove Paris from Katherine and TJ’s custody and put her under the care of her biological mother Debbie Rowe who at this time only has sporadic visitation rights with Paris and Prince (not with Blanket since his biological mother is unknown at this time).
Notably, Paris has been spending a lot of quality time with her biological mother up at her mother’s horse ranch in northern California. This fact has apparently not sat well with the Jackson clan who fear that Rowe will “use” Paris to get her claws on more of Michael’s money even though she got a hefty payout back in the 1990s when the two divorce. They also fear that by winning custody, Debbie might also be able to influence Paris’s management and control of hers and Prince’s share of their father’s estate.
In short the objections to Rowe are largely money oriented it appears. But it cannot be denied that she seems to have a “calming” influence on the troubled teenager who has had some difficulties with members of the Jackson clan, including her aunt Janet, who media outlets alleged had “slapped” the teenager last year. Janet, wisely, has kept out of this recent brouhaha and is allowing LaToya and others take center stage. But there is definitely a rift in the family caused or exacerbated by all the money Michael left when he died. Everyone seems to understand that whomever controls and cares for the children will, to an important degree, control the money (or at least and important significant¬†portion of it).
It is for that reason that we predict that this dramatic action by Paris will be a tipping point that will tilt this situation in favor of Debbie Rowe challenging the Jacksons for¬† custody of the girl. If that happens, it will be a custody war like this country has never seen, we predict. On top of that, there is even a question of whether Paris Jackson is even the biological daughter of the late pop star. There are some worrisome allegations being flung about that in fact, she is not even a blood relative of the Jacksons, given that Michael is allegedly not her biological dad. Nor did he legally “adopt” her to our knowledge. For sure, he is the “equitable dad” at a minimum since he held himself out as her father and so this should not be an issue. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how this whole situation plays out.
Poor Paris, though. Fifteen is hard enough without all this other goo to contend with.