Rupert Murdoch tells third wife Wendy Deng to hit the road: He files for divorce in NY Supreme

Eighty-two year old Rupert Murdoch has asked his 44 year old Chinese princess Yale alumna wife, Wendy Deng, for a divorce.
The papers were lodged in New York Supreme today it seems. I guess this is the end of Deng’s “virtuous circle” of rich old men husbands with deep pockets? Apparently her second husband was 30 years her senior and he was married when they met, allegedly. According to People Magazine, the man and his wife had sponsored Wendy’s homestay in California when she was an 18 year old college student from China and next thing you know, Wendy was walked off  with married to the woman’s ex husband!
See this article:,,20708717,00.html
If true, (and I strongly doubt it because Wendy seems way too virtuous for that; I think he got divorced before anything happened) then it is a wake up call for women everywhere who continue to mistake tiny little Asian women as harmless little nonentities. Yes, they are so long as you are manless, girlfriend! But if there is a man involved, no matter how old he is, women in the West need to understand that they cannot allow an Asian woman anywhere near him. And it is not her fault! It’s the men who can’t resist the tender loving care of tiny little Asian women with their tiny hands and submissive natures! This is not meant to be racist or to stereotype so don’t shoot the messsenger. It is to say the truth of the thing that these hairless little vixens are a death to your marriage and relationship if you persist in being dumb and stupid!!!
(I am in a very bad mood so please forgive me if I am being obnoxious. But statistically ,the facts support what I am saying. Dudn’t it?)
So, anyways.  Back to the Murdoch divorce. Was there a prenuptial agreement? It would be inconceivable if there wasn’t. After all Rupert’s second wife got over one billion dollars in settlement because he was both dumb and stupid in not getting a prenup. It is simply inconceivable that he would be so dumb and stupid again. He is only worth about 11 billion now. If he does not have a prenup, he shouldn’t be surprised if Wendy manages to walk off with 50 percent of it. Because he is dumb and stupid.
There are two minor children and so there will be custody and child support issues. What would be interesting is if the courts were to award primary custody to the 82 year old Rupert. On what basis? One can hardly imagine. But it would be interesting nevertheless. The girls are about 10 and 12 so at this age, they definitely need to have their youthful mother’s presence and influence in their lives. But stranger things have happened and it will be interesting to watch and to see how this plays out.
Equitable distribution will be in issue if Rupert was dumb and stupid and did not have a prenup. They have a lot of real estate and obviously a lot of business assets that would have to be divvied up.   Both will probably go  on to new marriages. Guys like Rupert never seem to stop do they? And his next wife will probably be all of 22.
Wendy will also go younger by getting a toy boy to make up for all those years of having to shag an old geezer like Rupe when all she really wanted was to be let alone to do the crossword puzzle and watch reruns of Sex and the City.