10 possible jaw-dropping reasons that Rupert Murdoch asked Wendi Deng for a divorce

There is all this speculation today about Rupert Murdoch’s divorce request from Wendi Deng. Some really insane people are even saying that Wendi and Tony Blair were having an extra-marital affair and that Rupert found out and went postal. But that is obviously ridiculous.
The Daily Beast even had an article today with the titillating use of the word “jaw-dropping” in its title, in reference to the dramatic announcement that the Murdochs are divorcing.
Yes, you read that right. The Murdochs are divorcing. What could possibly be the cause? We don’t know but like everyone else, we like to speculate and surmise and dig our noses into other people’s business. Here are ten “jaw -dropping” guesses (and the emphasis is on guesses because none of this is even remotely possible or factual):
1. Rupert was having an affair with a Korean woman who is 10 years Wendi’s junior and who is pregnant with Rupert’s twins; the woman has been threatening to leave Rupert and hook up with her high school sweetheart if Rupert does not divorce Wendi and marry her. Rupert loves her tooooooo much and cannot bear to think of losing her. So he has decided to end his marriage to older woman Wendi who he is having an increasingly difficult time relating to on account of her advancing age.
2. Wendi was having an affair with Dennis Rodman and she is pregnant with his twins.
3. Rupert has realized he made a big mistake by divorcing his second wife Anne and wants to get back with her before he kicks the bucket. In fact, the two planned this whole situation including his marriage to Deng just for the publicity. Deng realized she had been duped and threatened to go public.  Murdoch has gambled that by filing for divorce first, it puts Deng in a position of “sour grapes” and thus his reputation is protected and this is good for his business.
4. Wendi has been hooking up with her last husband Mr. Cherry and she is pregnant for same. Rupert intercepted some emails that suggests that maybe he was not that “safe” and his lawyers advised him to get out while he could.
5. Rupert is going broke and his kids want him to end the marriage so that they can protect their inheritance since they fully expect Wendi to file for divorce any day now. In fact, Rupert knew Wendi was planning to file and so he preempted her. In fact,  there is an issue with Wendi’s Financial interest vesting soon and so the whole lot of them decided this was the time to get rid of her….
6. Rupert is really a transvestite.
7. Rupert has discovered that in fact he is a gay American and that he has a thing for Donald Trump (who obviously does not return Rupert’s affections) so Rupert is in therapy and he does not want to deal with the distraction of marriage to anyone; he only wants to focus on his love for Mr. Trump.
8. Wendi has discovered that in fact she is a gay American and that she has a thing for Hilary Clinton. Rupert will be damned if he will be usurped in his wife’s affections by a woman – and especially Bill Clinton’s wife for chrissakes.
9. Rupert has discovered that his two kids with Wendi may not share his genetic marker although nobody can understand what that could possibly mean (that would be seriously jaw-dropping!)…
10. Wendi has been having an affair with one of Rupert’s sons and they want to get married; so the son actually has been blackmailing the father that if he does not divorce Wendi, he, the son, would publicly reveal some secrets about Rupert that would literally topple the news mogul’s empire.
All of these would be jaw dropping but we suspect that none of these is even remotely possible except for the one about Dennis Rodman, obviously. That is totally plausible and credible.